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This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at http: What do you think about Springer Nature and its family of journals? Tell us in our 10 minute survey. Die neuralgisch-paralytische Form ist gekennzeichnet durch Varizen vaskuläre Form Trias: Ausdehnung und Lokalisation entsprechen den von der Varikosis befallenen RM. Die Krankheit zeigt dadurch einen rascheren Verlauf. Die Erfolgsaussichten sind aber unsicher.

Clinically the spinal varicose showed a a neuralgic-paralytic form, b an apoplectic one. The neuralgic-paralytic form is characterized by the triad: Extension and localisation correspond to the segments click to see more the spinal cord, corresponding to the extension of the varicose. Those inferior extremities and inferior parts of the body are preferred which corresponds to the most frequent lumbar-sacral localization of the varicose.

The apoplectic form is characterized by the addition of hematomyelia. The anatomic-pathological changements are: Such a varicose is primitive and Varizen vaskuläre Form isolated or can be a partial symptom of the general varicose-condition. Secondarily it comes to a varicosclerosis and consequently to a chronic stasis in the defluxion space of the small intramedullary vessels and a parietal anoxaemic lesion with increased permeability, osmosis of the plasma and the formation of the subendothelial hyalin substance.

La varicosi spinale si manifesta clinicamente: Estensione e localizzazione corrispondono ai segmenti del midollo spinale, colpiti dalla varicosi.

Le alterazioni anatomo-patologiche sono: Unable to display preview. Summary Clinically the spinal varicose showed a a neuralgic-paralytic form, b an apoplectic one. The noxious effect on the spinal cord occurs in three ways: Therefore click to see more disease has a more rapid development.

The diagnosis is founded on: Les changements anatomo-pathologiques sont les suivants: Riassunto La varicosi spinale si manifesta clinicamente: La diagnosi si basa Varizen vaskuläre Form sul quadro clinico processo intra- e extramidollare. El sexo masculine esta afectado con una frecuencia 4 veces mayor que el femenino. CurtiusHandbuch der Inneren Medizin. Saunders, Varizen vaskuläre Form,p. II1. Schmiteet J. I Pathologischen Institut Varizen vaskuläre Form Kantonspitals St.

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